Adapt essential services have been Servicing the community for over 20 years. Our success hinges on customer focus and attention to detail.

Essential services are like insurance…
You hate to pay for them and prey you’ll never use them…
The number one issue is when you do need your essential services, that they are up to date and working. That’s where Adapt comes into the picture.

Our focus is on giving our customers the best service and the most affordable price. This means we listen to what you want, and deliver what you need.

Our team are fully trained and put through a rigorous induction process to ensure that their work is of the premium quality you would expect from Adapt or any contractor. This means a team member that’s customer focussed, committed to service will be responsible for your job and ensure the task is done to full compliance.

All of our team are easy to identify by their uniform and clearly labelled vehicles. You can depend on Adapt to get the job done right.

At Adapt, we see your safety as our number 1 concern. And with that in mind our focus is on getting your buildings to comply with the Australian Standards.

Compliance is a constantly changing game. With building specifications being changed more often and more rapidly every year, it’s nearly impossible for a building manager to keep up.

Adapt specialise in keeping your buildings compliant so you don’t have to worry.

All the work we carry out is documented in detailed log books that are kept on site. We also keep an electronic copy of all your logs in our secure data centre to ensure you can access this information when it is most needed.

Our documentation is designed with you in mind. It’s easy to read, understand and follow.
You will never have to worry again about your essential services you can be assured that it’s serviced, up to date and fully documented.

Compliance will be a worry of the past. With Adapts customer focussed testing procedures You’ll now be able to sleep at night knowing your essential services are looking after your assets.


Quality Assured ISO 9001

qaOur quality assurance process means you can be guaranteed that each project will be processed with the highest standard.

You’ll get..

  • Systemised approach
  • Fully compliant documentation
  • Customer focussed Team
  • Guarantee on all service


The Owner

Peter started his career as an electrical apprentice mainly servicing the domestic industry. He quickly switched his focus to the Industrial /Commercial industry completing an Electronics and Motor Control course at night school.

Motor Control Service was his next position which saw him improve and enhance his skill levels. This opened up many opportunities, one of which was Fire Maintenance and Testing for companies such as Thomas Walker and Wormald. During this period he saw an opportunity in the Essential Services industry.

In the early 1990s he decided to start his own business which was known as Adapt Electrical Service. During that time and up until now he has set up systems, implemented procedures and designed computer packages to maintain the high level of testing documentation customers expect. His takeover of an emergency lighting company in 1998 saw his company grow considerably while still providing the high level of service he always intended.

He implemented another change in 2002 and changed the company name to ADAPT ESSENTIAL SERVICES PTY LTD.

Through Peter, his personnel and their commitment to service, the company has grown to be one of the leaders in the essential services industry.