PURPOSE:                To provide a means of egress from any part of a building.

REQUIREMENTS:   To provide sufficient and safe egress from a building, with a minimum of effort and delay, and to present a minimum of obstruction in an exit path.               


  1. An exit door must be capable of simple operation to fulfill its designed purpose. An exit door may be a swinging door or could be a sliding door. Sliding doors may be manually operated or power operated.
  2. Swinging doors must be able to be opened readily without a key, from the side facing a person seeking their way out, by a single-handed downward or pushing action on a single device located
  3. It could be fitted with a fail-safe device that unlocks the door automatically when any sprinkler, smoke or heat detector system is activated in the building.
  4. Sliding doors must be able to be opened manually with ease and
  5. If power operated: – Must be able to be opened manually with ease if there is a malfunction of failure of the power source; and
  6. If they lead directly to road or open space, they must open automatically if there is a power failure to the door or on the activation of a fire or smoke alarm anywhere in the fire compartment served by the door.

MAINTENANCE CHECKS:      Maintenance checks should be carried out to ensure that exit doors comply as follows: –

  1. Swinging Doors:
    1. Intact
    2. Operational
    3. Fitted with hardware that conforms to the requirements of the Building Code of Australia, Section D (the hardware necessary to enable operation as outlined above).
  2. Sliding doors:
    1. Open doors manually and confirm doors can be opened with ease; and
    2. If power operated:
      1. Perform a Basic check to confirm that the Auto function is operating correctly
      2. Simulate power failure and open doors manually. Confirm door can be opened with ease.
  3. If they lead directly to road or open space:
    1. Simulate any Manual Exit Button Operation
    2. fire alarm within the fire compartment and confirm that doors open automatically. ****(This is performed via fire services contractor) ****.